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مسطحات أريستون الجديدة. تكنولوجيا الطهي الإيطالية وسهولة التنظيف.

 مجموعة عصرية من المسطحات: كهربائية,سيراميك أو غاز للطهي، أريستون تقدم مجموعة واسعة من مختلف الأحجام لتناسب أي نمط مطبخ و أي عادة طبخ. حرارة موحدة  و سريعة لتعزيز النكهات في كل وصفة.

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Moonstone Silver
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Triple ring wok burner
The exclusive Triple Crown burner delivers maximum power for fast and even cooking. Thanks to its innovative conception, in fact, it ensures optimum distrubution of heat under the pot.
Oval plate
Multifunctiontality is one of the great strengths of ARISTON hobs, which have zones for different types of cooking and special burners: the Oval Ring extendable cooking zone, consisting of two radiant cooking zones, guarantees maximum flexibility and versatility.
Touch Control
ARISTON hobs with Touch Controls make it extremely easy to programme cooking: just touch the few but beautifully intuitive icons and the cooking starts.
Residual heat indicator
The residual heat leds on all ARISTON glass-ceramic hobs warn you that the cooking zone is still hot even though the hob is switched off. These leds turn off when the temperature drops below 60° C.
Child lock
All ARISTON glass-ceramic hobs have this function, which locks off the Touch Controls. Indispensable when small kids are around, it stops your settings being inadvertently altered.
30cm widht range. Various type of hobs, bbq and fryers to combine togfether for a specially customized cooking surface.
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