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أفران أريستون الجديدة. تكنولوجيا الطهي الإيطالية وسهولة التنظيف

مجموعة عصرية من الأفران للطبخ المثالي، لتعزيز نكهة ورائحة كل وصفة. الطبخ متعة، لكن تنظيف الفرن ضرورة. هذا هو السبب في تقديم أفران أريستون عدد من برامج التنظيف، لتسهيل هذه المهمة من دون أي قلق


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Type of cleaning
The Fast Clean pyrolysis system is a special automatic oven cleaning cycle that doesn’t use any chemical products. Selecting the Fast Clean cycle activates the pyrolysis function: the temperature rapidly reaches 500° C (using less than 2.8 kW) and all the cooking residues on the oven walls are reduced to ashes that can be removed extremely easily.
Touch Control
ARISTON’s new ovens respond to the controls in an instant thanks to the special Touch Control system. To dialogue and interact with the oven is simple: just touch the few but beautifully clear icons and follow an intuitive sequence to obtain perfect and effortless cooking of any recipe. Avant-garde technology at the service of simplicity.
Telescopic guides
Telescopic guides (easy to remove and washable in a dishwasher) make cooking easy to manage. The new dripping pans hold twice as much as the oven pan, thus getting the most out of the oven’s capacity.

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