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Jeans Programme
A cycle specially designed for the most cherished garment of all, jeans: it washes at 35° C and dries with a special heating and tumbling cycle to protect the colours and preserve the stretch and shape of all denim garments, ensuring perfect washing and drying results.
Smart Dry Program Manager
The new generation of Ariston dryers are the latest evolution in drying technology, ensuring total care for you clothes, even the most delicate items. With specific programs and different drying levels for outstanding drying performance.
Crease Care Option
Less creasing, less ironing, less hassle. Pre- and Post-Creasecare keep your clothes crease free by occasionally tumbling the load with no heat – the ideal drying solution if you’re not around at the end of the cycle.
Refresh Programme
A 20 minute cool treatment programme that works on dry clothes to air and refresh them - an alternative to washing items you've only worn once or that have been unpacked from storage.
Cuddly Toys Cycle
A delicate drying cycle conceived to dry cuddly toys and able to remove dust easier. Low temperatures and a soft mechanical action help to maintain the original look and shine of fur and cuddly toys fabrics
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