DK 2K (IX)
DK 2K (IX)

DK 2K (IX)

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Key Features
Colour: Stainless Steel
Type and aestethic
Number of zones : 2
Finish : Glass
Colour : Stainless Steel
Frame Colour : Stainless Steel
Hob dimensions
Weight (Kg) : 4.0
Consumption values
Max. absorbed power (kW) : 2900
Max absorbed current (A) : 12.0
Partie arrière de la table de cuisson - zone gauche de cuisson
Gas Power (Watt) : 1700
Hob rear area - central cooking zone
Gas Power (Watt) : 1200
Hob central area - central cooking zone
Energy consumption (Wh/kg) : 0.0
Hob front area - central cooking zone
Middle : Radiant
Dimensions : 145
Gas Power (Watt) : 1200
Energy consumption (Wh/kg) : 0.0
Hob front area - rigth cooking zone
Energy consumption (Wh/kg) : 0.0
Hob controls
Indicator light for plates
Control positions : Front
Control type : Knob
Safety device
Flame supervision device
Residual heat indicator
Child Lock
HobsResidual heat indicators
Residual heat indicators

The residual heat leds on all ARISTON glass-ceramic hobs warn you that the cooking zone is still hot even though the hob is switched off. These leds turn off when the temperature drops below 60° C.

HobsChild Lock
Child Lock

All ARISTON glass-ceramic hobs have this function, which locks off the Touch Controls. Indispensable when small kids are around, it stops your settings being inadvertently altered.