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AQD1170D 49 EX.60HZ
AQD1170D 49 EX.60HZ

AQD1170D 49 EX.60HZ

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Key Features
H (mm): 850
W (mm): 595
D (mm): 616
Maximum spin speed (rpm): 1400
Washing capacity (kg): 11
Drying capacity (kg): 7
Maximum spin speed (rpm) : 1400.0
Washing capacity (kg) : 11.0
Noise level dB(A) : 53
Washing programme length (hr/min) : 204.0
Washing & Drying programmes length (hr/min) : 597.0
Residual water after spin cycle (%) : 53.0
Washing & Drying programmes
Washing programme number : 16.0
Drying programme number : 3.0
Wool programme
Woolmark Platinum Care
Ciclo Baby
Cottons drying proramme
Wool drying programme
Synthetics drying programme
Steam Refresh Cycle
Delay Start
Anti Allergic rinse
Easy Iron
Steam Hygiene
Variable Temperature
Main Functions
Child Lock
Structural features
Drying capacity (kg) : 7
Drum volume (lt) : 71
Colour : White
Display : Lcd
Removable feet
Display type : LCD
Weight (Kg) : 75.0
Washer dryersBaby Cycle
Baby Cycle

The Baby Cycle offers the certainty of a perfect result even at only 40° C and guarantees absolute hygiene for babies’ clothing and total care of skin and fabrics. The cycle uses more water to dilute detergents perfectly, optimize the effect of hygienizing additives and rinse garments thoroughly to remove every possible trace of detergent from the fibres.

Washer dryersSilk and Curtain programme
Silk and Curtain programme

The Silk and Curtains cycle makes it possible to machine-wash even the most delicate items, such as silk, viscose and even lingerie, in total confidence, there being no risk of ruining the fabric. Slow drum movement and more water reduce the rubbing of fibres to a minimum, ensuring impeccable results. And special care is lavished on the final phase of washing, with an extra rinse to ensure removal of every trace of detergent.

Washer dryersWoolmark Platinum Care
Woolmark Platinum Care

Woolmark Platinum Care is the maximum certification issued by The Woolmark Company to the brand that achieves such high standards of quality that its washing machines can wash garments bearing the "handwash only" label. A result obtained thanks to a unique and patented washing stystem that doesn’t rub the fibres and thus maintains their softness even after more than 20 wash cycles.

Washer dryersEasy Iron option
Easy Iron option

The Easy Iron option makes ironing a far less demanding process: the fibres in garments regain their softness and creases lie flat to make ironing easier.

Washer dryersSteam