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FDG 9620BS EX 60HZ
FDG 9620BS EX 60HZ

FDG 9620BS EX 60HZ

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Key Features
H (mm): 850
W (mm): 595
D (mm): 540
Maximum spin speed (rpm): 1200
Washing capacity (kg): 9
Drying capacity (kg): 6
Maximum spin speed (rpm) : 1200.0
Washing capacity (kg) : 9.0
Energy consumption per year (kWh) : 0.0
Washing programme length (hr/min) : 0.0
Washing & Drying programmes length (hr/min) : 0.0
Residual water after spin cycle (%) : 0.0
Washing & Drying programmes
Washing programme number : 16.0
Drying programme number : 3.0
Wool programme
Ultra Delicates Cycles
Woolmark Platinum Care
Rapid 30'
Cottons drying proramme
Wool drying programme
Synthetics drying programme
Delay Start
Eco Wash Functions
Main Functions
Eco Tech
Structural features
Drying capacity (kg) : 6
Drum volume (lt) : 58
Colour : White
Display : Digit
Door Opening Angle
Removable feet
Display type : Digit
Weight (Kg) : 66.0
Washer dryersEcotech

The Ecotech symbol identifies appliances that meet the highest standards of energy efficiency. Ecotech washer-dryers are a guarantee of high standards of efficiency, lower consumption levels and excellent performance.

Washer dryersAnti-stain technology
Anti-stain technology

First for stain removal. Removes 20 of the most stubborn everyday stains in one wash without pre-soaking. By cleverly managing detergent, water, drum rotation and temperature.

Washer dryersWoolmark Platinum Care
Woolmark Platinum Care

Woolmark Platinum Care is the maximum certification issued by The Woolmark Company to the brand that achieves such high standards of quality that its washing machines can wash garments bearing the "handwash only" label. A result obtained thanks to a unique and patented washing stystem that doesn’t rub the fibres and thus maintains their softness even after more than 20 wash cycles.