A wide range of technologically advanced washers with Steam technology, anti bacteria innovations and water saving. Distinctive Italian design for perfect washing performances no matter of stains and colours.

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Energy rating
The new ARISTON washing machines guarantee maximum performance and cleanness with minumum economic and environmental impact. Their energy performance levels are at maximum levels in terms of washing efficiency and in certain models spin efficiency as well.
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The new Natis Washing Machine by Ariston removes all stains, even the most stubborn, without pre-treatment. and preserving fabrics. The new brushless inverter motor creates 10 different drum motions during a single wash cycle, each one specifically designed to treat a variety of stains.
Woolmark Platinum Care
Certified soft and gentle care for woollens. A delicate wash programme that keeps your woollens as good as new. It uses an extra gentle drum action and low spin speeds to stop clothes rubbing together and keep them looking beautiful for longer.
Baby Cycle
The Baby Cycle offers the certainty of a perfect result even at only 40° C and guarantees absolute hygiene for babies’ clothing and total care of skin and fabrics. The cycle uses more water to dilute detergents perfectly, optimize the effect of hygienizing additives and rinse garments thoroughly to remove every possible trace of detergent from the fibres.
Aqualtis washing machines are perfect from every point of view: designed to offer something special, they take care of garments, protect them and cosset them, whilst always guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact. Aqualtis has a vast range of washing machines with solutions to meet every possible load or space requirement.
Anti-stain technology
First for stain removal. Removes 20 of the most stubborn everyday stains in one wash without pre-soaking. By cleverly managing detergent, water, drum rotation and temperature.
The new Auto Dose System Aqualtis washing machines incorporate two storage tanks, one for liquid detergent and one for fabric softener, which automatically dose your wash load for you depending on the instructions you provide. Storing up to 5.5 litres of liquid detergent and 3.5 litres of fabric softener, once filled, you simply then select how dirty your laundry is and the level of freshness required and the machine will do the rest, dispensing the correct dosage of detergent and softener into the wash at the appropriate time. Icons on the machine's display panel will also tell you when the two tanks are nearly empty and with an automatic cleaning programme they will remain in perfect working order. Depending on your individual laundry needs, the storage tanks can provide automatic dosing for up to 40 wash cycles*. *Under normal conditions of usage and washing.
Super Silent
So quiet, you’ll hardly notice it working. Special sound insulating panels and an advanced brushless motor reduce noise levels dramatically, so you won’t be disturbed.
High performance, low energy. It's good to stand for something. Especially when it could help save precious resources. Our Eco Tech icon is awarded to those washing machines that have either an A+ energy rating or feature our Eco Cycles or Eco Wash function for ultimate energy savings.
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